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Kenny’s love for music and his calling to be a musician was inspired by his grandpa. As a young boy, Kenny watched his grandfather lead worship at a small church in St. Louis, and he knew he wanted to use his voice to lift people’s hearts in the same way. Growing older and needing to become an adult though, Kenny was encouraged to pursue a safer career path. His life became college, his life became work, but his life didn’t become what he dreamed. In his 20s, Kenny couldn’t shake his calling any longer. He left the career he was told to pursue to chase after the one he truly wanted—being a full-time solo musician and making songs that help people seek the good in life.

Since then, Kenny has performed on CBS This Morning, sang background for Josh Groban and Donnie Iris, opened for Willie Nelson and Van Morrison, was featured as artist of the week on 91.3 WYEP in 2020, and released his first official album. He hopes that his journey encourages others to chase after their dreams.


When you put on your headphones and hit play, you’ll immediately notice that Kenny’s music presents a fresh take on traditional R&B. You’ll enjoy how he explores his wide vocal range, experiments with energetic harmonies, and fuses elements of soul, neo soul, and jazz. Likened to artists such as John Legend, Mali Music, and PJ Morton by other listeners, Kenny’s music will engage you but also get you in the right mood. It’s just something you can’t not smile and sway to while you listen.


What’s amazing about Kenny’s live performance is that no matter how large they are, his shows always feel intimate and engaging. Yes, Kenny uses impressive instrumentalists and powerful background vocalists to fill the room with symphonic bliss. What leaves you wanting more though is the vibe and the mood he creates. As he smiles and dances, Kenny’s joy starts to spread. When he shares the meaning behind his songs, changes the setlist on the fly, and explores impromptu jam sessions, it makes the show feel personal and truly unique. He’s not just there to perform, he’s there to connect with you.

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